Get Facebook Post/Comments Likes for free & fully automated

First of all, create a duplicate Facebook account as you wish.  And follow the steps

Click on the ” USE” button

Follow the steps

Accept the Terms Of Services

Click on the link shown as No. 1  

Click Continue

Click Continue As

Success. go to the likes page

You will see the welcome msg with free 10 credits

Click on the Add New Job Button

Enter the Facebook Post  URL select ” Status & photo likes” for post likes and click on “Add”. remember the post must have one comment and one post like

you can add any public post for likes.  get your original account post link or the page you manage it doesn't matter that u logged in a different account you can earn credit by using the fake account and send likes to any FB link that publicly shared.

Click on Earn credits 

Click Start

Don't close the browser. if you close the browser you will not earn any credits. getting likes is automated you can close the browser once you have enough credits to get likes.