4 Stage Battery Chargers Explained


Good battery chargers or cost controllers/regulators will cost your batteries in phases relying on how a lot cost stays within the battery. Three or 4 phases are the most typical, this text will clarify how a 4 stage battery charger works. We may also clarify why it will be important that you just use the proper program settings in your cost controller.

How 4 stage charging work

Stage 1 (Bulk) – If the batteries are at a decrease state-of-charge, normally lower than 80% full, that is the primary stage. When within the Bulk stage the photo voltaic panel or generator will put as a lot Ampere into the batteries as attainable. That is the excessive velocity charging stage, the upper the Ampere the sooner the cost.

Stage 2 (Soak up) – when the batteries attain the “Soak up Voltage” (this quantity differs relying on program settings however typically round 14.5 Volts for lead-acid batteries), the charger or regulator ought to go into the Soak up stage. On this stage, the batteries are saved on the voltage set by this system. The Ampere going into the batteries is decrease on this stage and the batteries cost extra slowly. The Soak up stage can finish both after a set time has handed or when the variety of Ampere stepping into drops under a threshold. That is all determined by the cost program settings.

Stage 3 (Float) – when the Soak up stage ends, the cost controller will drop the voltage to a program outlined worth and begin the Float stage. This stage will kick in when the battery reaches 100% cost.

Stage 4 (Equalization) – this stage will truly overcharge the battery. However it’s only turned on periodically to override the Float stage. That is optimum for lead-acid batteries and can lengthen the life and efficiency of the battery.

The significance of utilizing the proper cost settings

For those who use the proper program settings on your battery charger or cost regulator it’s going to lengthen it is life span and efficiency. To know what the proper settings are you’ll have to test what sort of battery you bought. It’s going to in fact additionally depend upon the kind of charger you might be utilizing. For instance, a deep cycle battery charger can cost deep cycle sort batteries. You’ll be able to learn extra in regards to the distinction between a deep cycle battery and a standard automotive battery right here. However deep cycle batteries acquired a number of sub sorts. So relying on which sub sort you need to cost, it’s a must to choose the suitable program for it.

You must also observe that there are battery sorts that ought to not even be charged in 4 phases, equivalent to Lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries shouldn’t be over charged, so on this case it’s much more essential that you choose the proper cost settings or the battery would possibly get broken.


Source by Andreas E Toresater

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