ESD Tweezers Electronics Repair Tools for Repair Electronic Component capacitors resistors IC chip and various PCB boards DIY

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product description:

Primarily use high-quality chrome steel, tweezers on each side, finely polished and chamfered, really feel higher, the floor is coated with particular supplies, anti-static impact is healthier
ESD-10: used to solder built-in circuit chips, and set up or exchange elements
ESD-11: This tweezers is appropriate for precision digital elements operation
ESD-12: This tweezers won’t bend when the circuit board is strongly clamped, and the elements won’t fall
ESD-13: This spherical form can keep away from part harm, appropriate for extracting chip circuit
ESD-14: The tweezers have sharp edges, appropriate for high-density built-in circuit operation
ESD-15: This tweezers is appropriate for extracting elements in slender locations.

Excessive-quality effective tweezers, not simple to deform, ultra-high cost-effective use of hardened chrome steel metal, finely polished and chamfered on each side of the tweezers, good really feel, the floor is coated with particular supplies, the anti-static impact is healthier, the use is flexible, upkeep, experiment, household An essential gadget.

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