Original 180W 19.5V 9.23A A15-180P1A Laptop Adapter Charger For CHICONY A17-180P4A ADP-180MB K For MSI GS70 GE62 GS63 GS70 WS60

Worth: [price_with_discount]


  • Merchandise Identify:19.5V9.23A180W-5.5×2.5mm
  • Mannequin:A15-180P1A
  • Enter: 100-240V 2.5A(2.5A) 50-60Hz
  • Output:19.5V 9.23A
  • Adapter Energy: 180W
  • Connecter Measurement:5.5 x 2.5mm
  • Weight( Adapter solely ) :630g
  • Situation:Authentic / Real
  • Guarantee:2 Years

Package deal embody:
  • 1 x AC Adapter/Charger
  • 1 x US / EU / UK / AU Plug Energy Wire

Appropriate Adapter Mannequin:







ADP-180MB Ok

Match Laptop computer Mannequin:(Solely Checklist Half Of All of the Fashions)
For MSI:
GS63VR STEALTH PRO-068, GE62 6QD-005NE, P957HR, GL62 6QF-636BE, GT60 2OD-026US, GE60 2PE-215US, GE60 2PG, GE60 2PL-094FR, GL62M 7RDX-2027, GE60 2OE, GS70 2OD, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-229, GS70 6QC, GK7CN6S, GE62 6QD-274US, GT60 2OC-022US, GL62 6QD-035XCZ, GL62 6QF-1469CA, GL62 6QD-015NE, GE60 2QE-1042XPL, GL62M 7RDX-NE1050I5, GE62 6QF-261UK, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-001, CX62 6QD-412PH, GS70 2QE,  GT60 2OC-024US, GE62 6QC, GE62 6QC-016NE, GE62 6QC-018NL, GL62 6QD-058XTH, GS75-RTX2060, GL62 6QF-1226US, CX62 6QD-269MY, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-034, GE70 2QE-681US, GE70 0NC, MS-16F3, GL62 7RD, GE60 20C, GE70 2PL, GE62 6QC-024JP, GE62 6QC-030UK, GE70 2PE-031XFR, GF62 7RE-1452US, CX62 6QD-452XAU, GT70 2OD, GE62 6QF-004FR, GE62 6QF-006XFR, GE62 6QF-011XPL, GE62 6QF-023TH, GE62 6QF-067AU, CX72 6QD-061AU,  GS70 2OD-002US, GS75 STEALTH 204, GS60, GT70 2OC, GS70 2QE-059FR, CX62 6QD-047US, CX62 6QD-228XCO, CX62 6QD-240XES, CX62 6QD-248XFR, GS70 20D-409UK, WS60 6QJ-024, GF62 7RE-2025US, GT780R, GE70 2OD, GE70 2PE, GE70 2OC-081US, GE70 2OE-017US, GE70 2PC-018NL, GE620, WS60 6QI-246US, WS72 6QI-218US, GS70 2OD-012AU, GT683R, CX62 6QD-457CA, CX62 6QD-608XPH, CX72 6QD-062AU, CX72 6QD-083ZA, GT60, WS72 6QI-026US, WS72 6QJ-091SP, WS60 6QJ-084UK, GT780, GS60 2PL, GS60 2QE, GS60 2QE-026CZ, GS60 2QE-050TW, GT70, WS72 6QJ-075TW, GS73VR 7RF-211, WS72 6QJ-008US, WS60 2OJ 3K-004US, WS60 2OJ 6QI 6QJ, WS60 2OJ-006US, WS60 2OJ-095AU, GE70, GS73VR 7RE, 0016K2-214, WS72 6QJ-095TH, GS70 2OD-054NL, GL63, GL63 8RE-633CN, GL63 8RE-417CN, GS63VR-7RF-627, GS70 2OD-001US,  0016K2-213, 0016K3-005, GS73VR 7RF STEALTH PRO, WS60 6QJ-430, WS60 6QJ-638US, WS60 7RJ-675US, WS72 6QH-045JP, GL62M 7RD-625US, GS60 2QE-237US, GS63VR-7RG, GL62M 7RDX-1646, 0016K2-468, WS72 6QJ-019AU, WS72 6QJ-026US, WS72 6QJ-034JP, WS72 6QJ-054KH, CX72 6QD-050FR, GE60 2PF, GE62, GL62M 7RDX-1408, GE60 2PL-207TH, GE60 2OD-267XPL, WS72 6QJ-200RU, WS72 6QJ-208KR, WS72 6QJ-210UK, WS72 6QJ-212ES, WS60 6QI-001US,  GL62 6QF-1278US, GE60 2PL-094, GL62 6QD-025FR, GL62M 7RDX-2070, MS-16K2, GS63VR-6RF16H22, GS63VR-6RFAC16H22, GS63VR-7RE, GS65 8RE, GE62 6QC-015IT, GP60, GL62 6QD-003FR, GS65, GE62 6QC-020XPL, GE60K, GE60 2OE 2PE, GE60 2PC, GL62M 7RD-056US, GL62M 7RD-089MY, WS72 6QH-204RU, GL62 7RD-625, GE62 6QC-017IT, GP63, GE72 7RE, GL62 6QF-1213US, GL62M 7RDX-NE1050I7, GL62M 7RD-429XES,  GE60 2PC-097MY, GE60 2PE, WS72 6QJ-064IT, GE62 6QF-005ES, GS65 STEATH THIN 8RF, GE62 2QF, GE62 6QF-012CZ, GE62 6QC-028FR, GE62 2QC, GE62 2QE-034NE, GL62M 7RDX, GL62 6QC-640MY, WS72 6QJ-218US, GS70 2QE-645FR, P55WV7, GE62 6QF-007UK, CX62 6QD-234XTR, GE62VR, GL62 6QF-1277US, GL62 6QF-622FR, GE62 2QE-036BE, GE62 2QL, GS63VR-7RF SERIE, GE70 2PC, GP63 LEOPARD, CX62 6QD-099AU, MS-16F4,  GE70 2OE, GE62 6QF-044CZ, GE62 6QC-095CZ, GE62 6QD-001IT, GL62 6QF-635NL, GL62 6QF-637IT, CX62 6QD-462XPT, GE72VR, CX72 6QD-218AU, GP62MVR I7-7700HQ, CX72 6QD-090TW, CX62 6QD-241XES, GE62 6QF-074US, GS70 2PC, GE62 6QD-041US, GE62 6QF, GS60 2QD, GS63 R 7RF, GS63VR, GS60 2QE-010US, GS73VR, GS60 2QE-049TW, GE70 2PC-006FR, CX62 6QD-249XFR, GE62 6QL, GS70 2QC, GS70 2QE-225UK,  WS60 2OJ 4K-061US, GS65 STEALTH THIN, GS73VR STEALTH PRO-225, WS60 2OJ-004US, WS60 2OJ-007US, CX72 6QD-047RU, GE70 2PE-002RU, CX62 6QD-283PH, GE620DX, GE70 0ND, GS70 2QE81, GS73VR STEALTH PRO-224, GL63 8RE, GL63 8RE-416CN, GS60 2QE-098CZ, CX72 6QD-059IT, GE70 2QD-834XPL, CX62 6QD-418ZA, CX62 6QD-453AU, WS60 6QJ-610UK, MS-16JB, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-008CA, WS60 6TH GEN, WS72 6QJ-033JP, GS65 STEALTH THIN 8RE, WS60 WT60 WT70, GT60 2PC,  WS60 2OJ-097AU, GS60 6QE, CX72 6QD-208US, GE70K, GS60 2PC, WS72 6QJ-020AE, GL62M 7RE, GS63VR STEALTH PRO-422, WS72 6QJ-209SG, GS73VR 7RF, WS72 6QJ-046TR, GT60-0NJ, GS63, WS60 6QI-237US, WS60 6QJ-022US, GF62 7RE-2025, GF62 7RE-2096US, WS72 6QJ-206JP, P65 CREATOR, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO 4K)-010CA, 0016K2-SKU2, GS43VR, WS72 6QJ-211ES, GT70 2OK, WS72 6QH-203RU, WS72 6QI-025AE, WS72 6QI-213XES,  GS70 2OD-005BE, GS70 2OD-014RU, GS63VR-6RF, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO 4K)-021US, GL62M 7RD-032US, GS65 STEALTH, 0016K2-SKU32, GT60 2OD-092UK, WS72 6QJ-057CA, WS72 6QJ-066TW, WS72 6QJ-090SP, WS60 6QJ-025, WS60 6QJ-258, GE60 2OE-003US, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-056AU, GE60 2PC-072XCZ, WS63VR, GL62M 7RD-058US, GT60 2PE, WS72 6QJ-217US, WS72 6TH GEN, GS73VR 7RF-210, WS72 6QJ-007US, WS72 6QJ-018AU, GL62M 7RD-1010JP, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-045PH, GL62M 7RD-625,  WS63 W/GTX 1060, GE60 2PC-655XPL, GT60-2OJ, GS63VR-7RE-011, GS63VR-7RF-213, GS63VR-7RF-214, WS72 6QJ-092IR, WS72 6QJ-099RU, GE62 2QD-453US, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-023NL, GE62 2QE-035NL, GL62M 7RDX-1427CA, GT60 2OJ, 0016K2-614, 0016K2-627, GS63VR-7RG-005, GS63VR-7RF-468, GE63 RAIDER, GS73VR STEALTH PRO, GL62 6QF-1446US, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO)-055AU, GL62 6QF-632NL, GE62 2QE-044CZ, GT60 2QD, GL62M 7RD-265US, GL62M 7RDX-1096, GL62M 7RDX-1645,  GE60 2OD-247US, GS63VR 7RG, GS63VR-7RF-614, GE62 6QC-205MY, GS63VR 6RF(STEALTH PRO 4K)-089FR
PREDATOR 15 G9-591-79CP, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-72S6, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-70GD, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-75UA, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-738J, VN7-593G-54L3, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-74FW, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-73UU, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-7177, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-79MN, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-76KX, PREDATOR 15 G9-593-765Q, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-51BB, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-74T6, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-707R, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-778N, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-73X4, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-57NE, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-77GB, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-75U0, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-738J, G5-793, PREDATOR 15 G9-591R, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-731D, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-73W6, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-76MM,  PREDATOR 17 G9-792-730B, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-718D, PREDATOR G9000-72F3, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-74J4, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-73E7, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-53M9, VN7-793, G9-791, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-741P, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-510Q, PREDATOR 17 G5-793, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-7253, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-77CQ, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73EX, VN7-793G, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-78CG, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-74TT, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-7342, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-72VU, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-786F, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-742C, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-53K5, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-59X3, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-78G5, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-7868, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-71L2, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-51P0,  PREDATOR 15 G9-592-74NV, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-773S, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-75PV, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73R6, PREDATOR G9000-74P8, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-75JF, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-73BM, ASPIRE VN7-793, G9-792, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-567R, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-553N, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-70JR, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-7308, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-79K, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-74ZV, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-53FA, PREDATOR G9000, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-78G4, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-760F, ASPIRE VN7-793G, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-79L1, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51-76BB, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51-71PP, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73ET, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-7925, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-59PH, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-57J0, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-7108, PREDATOR G9000-757W, PREDATOR 15 G9-592-77ZU, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-79KE, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-52XN, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793-738J, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-719P, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-79HR, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-74KN, PREDATOR 17 G9-792, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-7282, VN7-593G, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-73TA, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-71DQ, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-59F9, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-5J0, PREDATOR 17 G5-793-77T1, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-79W7, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-73HP, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-713C, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-55TM, PREDATOR 15 G9-592, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-76FP, PREDATOR 17 G9-792-707A, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-70F6, PREDATOR 15 G9-591,  PREDATOR 17 G9-792-736Q, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-57J0, PREDATOR 17 G9-791-77BZ, PREDATOR 17 G9-791, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-593G-73HP, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-71AG, PREDATOR TRITON 700 PT715-51-71UZ, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-74M5, PREDATOR 15 G9-591-726S, ASPIRE NITRO VN7-793G-5811,
K1701N0008787, GP 63 LEOPARD 8RE,
P650RS-G, P650SA, P651R, P955EP6, P651RE3-G, P950HR, P960ED, P950EP6, P651RE6-G, N850HP6, P950HP6, Clevo P655HP6-G, N870HP6, P650SG, P655RASEE, P650RE3, P960RD, P655RE3-G, P15XEM, P670RA, P170SM-A, P950ER, P670RG, P651RE3, P955ER, P671RG, P15XHM, P650RG-G, P651RE6, P651HP6-G, P651SE, P650SE, P650HP3-G, P655RE3, P151SM1-A, P655RA, P170SM, P671RA, Clevo P150SM-A, P670SE, P651RA, P150EM, P671SE, P650RA, P655RE6, P55W, P151HM1, P640HJ, P150SM, P640HK1, P150HM, P640RE, P970RF, P641HJ, P641HK1, P641RE, P650HP3, P650HS-G, P650RE3-G, P650RE6, P650RE6-G, P650RG
P25X V2, AERO 15
Machenike F117-F6K
NP7870, NP7850, NP8952,

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